Isle Of Skye Art

Since Isle of Skye is such a picturesque location, it only makes sense that there would be a lot of art created about it. These can include the jewellery that local craftsmen create as well as the pottery that the makers in the region produce. However, paintings and cross stitch images caught on canvas are what can really bring out the beauty of the region. You actually get a lot of them when you shop online as well.

2 Fishes Design

An excellent example of how cross stitching is still an enduring form of art in the world, 2 Fishes Design is basically all about providing customers with an intricate overlay of stitched pieces. The items feature a lot of landscape arts with the Isle of Skye as the main inspiration and really harkens back to the good old days. Breath-taking in just how beautiful each and every stitch combines to make these perfect images, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on these wonderful works of art.

The cross stitch designs are created by Eliza Wright. She lives in Elgol, which is also where the stitches come from. This makes it quite easy for Wright to draw inspiration from the frankly magical landscape that is the Isle of Skye.


Tim Wilcock Photography Studio

If you are more into pictures than visual representations view cross stitched landscapes, you might want to check out what Tim Wilcock Photography Studio can do for you. With such amazingly shot vistas of the already mystical regions of the island, it’s difficult not to feel awe whenever watching one of the photos that the studio shot.

You can get these images in framed forms so that you can just immediately place them on your desk or wall when you get home. You could also just stick with the print and get a frame separately if that’s what you want.


Skye Makers

A magazine dedicated to showcase the wonderful works of art by the artisans in or from around the Isle of Skye, Skye Makers was created by Karen Redfern in order to represent the wonderful works of the people who provide inspiring pieces that represent the island. The magazine features some truly stunning photos of paintings, pottery, and accessories. They’re available with special discounts too.

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